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Getting to Know About RADA

Our Mission

Our mission is to create effective employment while promoting peace, health and sustainable development

Our Vision

Building bridges to sustainable livelihood…

Strategic Objectives

RADA operates in four strategic areas of focus to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Promote entrepreneurship and leadership capacity development
  2. Promote education and career development
  3. Promote peace, conflict resolution, human rights and disaster relief
  4. Promote community health awareness and advocacy


Core Values

  1. Hard work
  2. Diligence
  3. Excellence


In many countries, unemployment levels remain high; Cameroon inclusive, with an unemployment rate of about 6.9% (World Bank 2014). The effect is low GDP due to limited productivity in general. Unfortunately, this often translates into delinquency, disease, early marriages, and other undesired socio-economic and socio-political challenges.

Many young people are mostly affected, often looking up to the government for employment, when in fact; government is only a facilitator of the employment of their potential in different sectors.  Many do not take advantage of their potential to become self-employed and create jobs. Some are graduates, while some have learned different trades and others have different skills and talents but due to the Lack of career orientation; leadership skills and a spirit of entrepreneurial risk taking, they do not apply this know-how in such a way as to add value to themselves and the society.

This sometimes happen due to limited resources and lack of proper mentorship. Unemployment therefore continues to undermine sustainable development efforts to alleviate poverty, end extreme hunger, promote health and well-being, peace and sustainable communities.

The overall purpose of the reconciliation and development foundation (RADA) is to promote peace, health, entrepreneurship and leadership for employment and sustainable development. Today, more than 50% of the population in developing countries is young. Their capacity to face the development challenges ahead are in doubt as many graduating from formal and vocational education each year but increasingly unable to visibly add value to themselves and their society. We believe that in addition to fostering a peaceful coexistence as a prerequisite to sustainable development and preparing the future we all want, our communities, especially young people, require the professional inputs to build the extra elements of hope, vision, and creativity to explore and harness their potential for greater good and value.

RADA was created by 5 friends who have come together for the purpose of creating greater good through empowerment in five areas of focus namely: Peace building and Conflict Resolution, Entrepreneurship, Leadership capacity development, Education and Career development, and Health Education and Advocacy. Through these, we hope to serve as examples and provide a large number of jobs for many Cameroonians through several projects that bring development and add value to the society.

Positive Thoughts

We aspire to be like hlpers. So we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.

Heartful Help

Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent for everyone.

Spread To Everyone

In an effort to ensure volunteering at Foundation events is fulfilling experience for you.


For those helpless children and people who need it every minute.

Our Best People

Administrative Secretary


Bachelor Degree Holder in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship (BBA)

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Board Chair

Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy

Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant is the Program Manager of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services

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Project Manager

Ndamsa Dickson

ND has published a book on policy implementation and decentralization in Cameroon.

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Operations Manager

Mr. Tardzenyuy Kingsley

Mr. Tardzenyuy Kingsley holds a Master of International Relations degree in Environmental

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